Miracle Plant in Convenient Packaging

22 May

Calling all home remedy enthusiasts! We’re sure you’re already aware of the natural healing abilities of aloe vera. Well, guess what? Now, you can get all that natural goodness in a bottle…or a tube…or a tub! Alcare Aloe shares your sentiments about natural products for the body and that’s why they’ve created a whole range of mess-free aloe creams, shampoos and more!


Mess-free? If you’re asking about the mess-free part, then you’re not a true home remedy fan! Otherwise, you would have tried getting all the goodness that you find in an aloe vera leaf out. DIY aloe vera gel extractions aren’t easy! It’s a 2-day process of cutting, soaking and peeling…and goo gets all over your hands. Luckily, those diehard health fundis won’t have to do that anymore thanks to Alcare Aloe.

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Stay Healthy with a Cuppa Vitamin C!

22 May

Here’s a little something you may not have know about the orange. They are close to overtaking the apple in the “1-a-day” fruit intake routine! That’s right…an orange a day will also keep the doctor away! This is according to fruit expert House of Juice.


What makes this citrus fruit so special as to bump the apple out of its golden spot? Well, it has a whole lot of Vitamin C, 52mg to be exact! And that’s a whole lot more anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-stress goodness than you could get from an apple, which contains only 11. But does this really give the orange enough bumping power?

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A Month-Long Cape to Cairo Train Trip with Rovos Rail

22 May

From Cape to Cairo in 28 days! Minus the flat tyres and sore bums that would come with a car ride. A 28-day trip with no aches and pains?! That’s because you’ll be riding in luxurious style on the Rovos Rail 5-star train. It has plenty of legroom, loads of standing space and round-the-clock service! A 28-day, cross-continent trip doesn’t get any better than this.


This Rovos Rail locomotive isn’t the only form of transport you’ll be experiencing during the month-long Cape to Cairo journey. Cruise ships, 4x4s and airplanes also have brief appearances, of course, without stealing the lime light from the luxury coach liner. And with opulent accommodation on, as well as off-board, you will never grow weary of your sleeping quarters…thank goodness as 28 days of travel could make anyone gatvol of the same scenery! Continue reading

Voiceover for DStv Plaisir de Merle Promo

1 Aug

A voiceover I did for a competition giveaway promo that ran on DSTV. The company doing the giveaway is a wine estate called Plaisir de Merle.